Here you can find various projects I have worked on: either created by me or which I contributed to. Most of the time I work with PHP, yet there are number of things in Java, Python, Go or other languages. A number of small things can be found on my GitHub profile.


SFML book source code (kinda done) - port of the SFML book source code from C++ to Java.

GitHub issues - generate HTML for issues from GitHub tracker, written in Go.

gitdiff - send email with git diff on GitHub PUSH notification, Heroku application written in Python (Flask).

Go Tour Russian translation - well, translated to Russian version of Go Tour.

“cowsay” as a Slack command - a Slack command, that formats any text as a Linux cowsay utility does, written in Go.

unicodeviewer - a utility to prints various information about Unicode code points, written in Go.


go-github - Go client library for GitHub API (milestone API).

php-liquid - Liquid template engine for PHP.

Small things

Python games - a collection of games in Python from Making games with Python book.

Conway’s Game of life - written in Python.

Write down - simple Google App Engine application in Flask.