Bedtime Ideas

Bedtime ideas

Ah, bedtime. It’s time to close Reddit and have some rest. But not for your brain. Have you ever wondered why you’re so damn.. ehh.. creative before sleep? Why does your brain start to produce this stream of crazy ideas? I have, so I made a small research on the topic.

It turns out, that it has nothing to do with the time of day (well, a bit), but rather with your energy cycles. Let’s break it down.

So you have all these pieces of information and relations between them in your brain, which we may call knowledge. How do you produce a new idea? Well, it’s easy - you somehow have to construct a new connection in your head between already existing facts. But during the day, when you’re rested and focused (OK, let’s pretend it’s true) on performing some task, your smartass brain is able to reject to accept your shiny new connections, because they just seem awful. A phone without buttons? Are you fucking crazy?!

But when you’re tired it’s not longer the case. You lay down, try to relax, shut down most of incoming data, and your little grey friend, unable to concentrate anymore properly, starts to wonder in an unexplored land of unrelated things. What seemed insane - became kinda plausible. And bang! A new relation in your head has been born.

Why does it happen right before falling asleep? Just because our energy cycles are determined by our social life - we’re rested in the more morning and tired in evening. Normal people are at least.

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