Welcome to March 32nd

Why does the day window on a watch show 32nd day? Because of the outsize date (oversize) mechanism.

Covariance and contravariance in programming

Short intro to variance in type systems.

Books I read in 2019

List of books I read in 2019.

The origin of the word "maintenance"

How did the word "maintenance" come to life?

Java geospatial in-memory index

Copmarison of several in-memory geospatial indices for Java.

Enabling trace logging for Elasticsearch REST Client with Logback

Missing code review advice

Can we make code reviews better?

Sometimes you are no one without your phone

We depend too much on modern technology. Yours, Captain.

Building a Slack command with Go

A step by step tutorial on how to create a Slack command with Go and deploy it to Heroku.

Bedtime ideas

Why we get a lot of crazy ideas before falling asleep.

Gracefully terminate a program in Go

A description of an approach how to gracefully terminate a program in Go.

Tie-breaking rounding

One way to deal with anxiety

My way of relaxing.

A few notes on PHP exceptions

Atomic change of an index in MySQL